Website Tutorial

"Website Tutorial"


Everyone can see what's wanted and offered in the listings by going to the those sections of the Members Area. Everyone can view the News and Events section of the Members Area to see when meetings and socials will be held, for example. And everyone - yes, everyone! - can contact us with feedback, queries or news items of relevance to our new online system.


Members are given an automatically-generated password for their account, but can change it to something more memorable. Once you've logged in with the random password in the email, you can change it via the Member Profile page. If you forget your password, and have tried several times unsuccessfully the system will automatically reset your password, and give you a new random one and notify you by email. Check your junk mailbox if it doesn't appear in the Inbox! If you don't want to wait for the system to do it, once you've failed to log in after a couple of attempts, you will be given the option to reset it.


Members can add, delete or edit their own OFFERS & WANTS. To do this, choose Update Listings. When you are Creating a Listing, make sure you create a good heading. Use a capital letter at the beginning and end it with a colon. If you are not sure which category to place it in, put it in Miscellaneous, and that can easily be adjusted - if a new category is required, the web admins can do that. You can add a description, as well as limiting the duration of the listing. Any of this can be updated by you at any time, but if you want to alter the title itself, you will need to copy and save the text, create a new listing, and copy in the text you have saved. Then you can delete the old one.

NB: We need as far as possible to make sure our directory is "print quality". Please start your Offers & Wants listings with a capital letter and try and get the heading right first time as it's not possible to amend them without deleting and recreating the listing - if you have to do that, you can copy any text you have already added first then paste it into the new listing. Once you are in the text of your listing, if you do notice an error you can go in and change it easily. The directory editor will go in and tidy up entries if necessary, but would be grateful if members do their best to make sure their entries are in as good a state as they can make them. Thanks for your co-operation.

Members can update their PROFILE, including adding or deleting a joint member, by accessing Member Profile. You can also add some text to "About Me" and upload a photo of yourself or possibly a logo if this is a business account. Some members are not too sure about showing their full postcode, and if you are worried about this, please copy the whole postcode to your street address, and just leave the first part of it in the postcode field.

Members can also TRANSFER Pledges to another member in payment for goods or services. To do this, go to Exchanges. If there will be any delay before you can go online to make the transaction, both parties can sign each other's copy of a Local Claim Form as an interim record. You can download this from the Documents page. Once you have done a transaction you will be invited to provide feedback on that exchange.


Members can't update their own Pledges balance. When you've traded with another member, the person who has received the service or item is the one who records it on the Exchanges page or, if they're not using the website, takes the Local Claim Form to their local Co-ordinator for help. Once the transaction has taken place, you will see it appear on the page "View My Balance and Exchange History". Hopefully those who are not online can be matched to a buddy, who will help them set up a web-based email address and/or help them manage their account. Committee members can carry out other functions towards the overall management of the site.

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