Wanted Listings


Accommodation in Brighton Regular overnight accommodation needed in Brighton.
Place To Stay In Country
Shared Work Space Where I'm living at the moment, I don't have much workspace, and it would be good to have access, occasionally, to some more space, to pursue my art more. Also willing to collaborate with fellow creatives on projects.
Studio Space Studio space or any well lit, ventilated space that you do not mind being used as a studio. This would preferably be in the W10 area, or within a 30 minute cycle ride. (Negotiable pledges)

Arts - Crafts & Textiles

Clothes mending / alteration I'm looking for someone who can help me with a bit of clothes mending /alteration and possibly help with curtain-making. (Negotiable pledges)
Help with craft projects Help with glueing sellotaping matching cards with envelopes sorting and packaging to help a local charity (Pledges negotiable pledges)
Making/Fitting Curtains and Blinds Help needed for making and fitting curtains and blinds. (Negotiable pledges)
Oddments Left over craft and art materials always needed. Especially silks; yarns; wools; acrylic yarn; etc. Will consider anything. These are to support a local charity (Pl neg pledges)
Sewing Machine Wanted (Negotiable pledges)

Arts - Photography & Design

Help with designing an information leaflet I would like help with putting together an information leaflet or brochure for advertising my service. Please help soon! (Negotiable pledges)
Professional Photographs for an Agency required Portrait photographs needed for professional use (negotiable pledges)

Business - Administration

I'm dyslexic and need help with correspondence & filing I need help with letters and filing. Also I am writing a book and need to read to someone to give constructive and positive feed back. (Negotiable pledges)
Photocopying Facilities Access to photocopying/ printing services needed.
Stuffing Envelopes Helping with occasional mail-outs. If you would like to be a member of my happy team of occasional helpers, let me know.

Business - Consultancy

Leasehold Advice Leasehold advice needed.

Children & Childcare

Childcare wanted Evening Child care wanted for 9yrs old

Companionship & Leisure

Cinema Outings
Social Contacts Would like companion(s) with which to go on outings, etc.
Spiritual Discussion Group Group needed for discussing spiritual and pagan journeys. (Negotiable pledges)

Computer - Access & Tuition

Computer Tutor Want patient, respectful computer tutor who will go at my own pace. I have a computer, am soon to be connected to the internet. I don't have an internet connection as yet so please contact me by phone. Best after 6pm, although I have an answer machine. Someone else has kindly used their email address to get me online here. (Negotiable pledges)
Computing Assistance Computing assistance needed.

Computer - Website Design

Designing Web Pages Help with designing web pages and expanding some ideas concerning promoting my art work. I am also interested in learning general IT skills. (Negotiable pledges)
web site design Help with web site design

Environmental Education

Bee keeping Does anyone have a bee hive in the N4 area? I have done a beekeeping course but want to work with someone before I get my own hives. (pledge neg pledges)
Dry Firewood I would like Dry fire wood (untreated). Will collect. (PLN pledges)
Hot Tub! Anyone got one? Know how to install one? (Negotiable pledges)
Locals from Crouch End & Hornsey Locals from Crouch End & Hornsey to come join us in creating a Resilient Community. Attend our events, bring your life skills, wisdom and experience.There are many areas to contribute that may intrest you eg Food, Energy, Transport, Sustainable Buildings, Education, Heart & Soul, Health & Wellbeing, Cycling, Administration, Economics & Livelihood, arts, Reminiscence Projects, Local Government, Social Events, Gardening etc

Food and Catering

Help Setting Up a Food Co-op Expertise, support and assistance needed in setting up a food co-op. (Negotiable pledges)
Meal Plans I am trying to eat healthily and lose weight but am bored with my monotonous and unoriginal meal ideas as I am stuck in a rut. If there is anyone who could devise me some creative but simple and cost effective menu suggestions (not microwave meals) I would really appreciate any suggestions. (N pledges)
Organic food (negotiable pledges)
Wheat free bread and desserts! (negotiable pledges)

For Sale, Recycling & Re-Use

Bed Frame Kingsize preferably.
Envelopes all sizes Charity fundraising card project needs envelopes of all sizes (Neg pledges)
METAL DETECTOR WANTED I need to satisfy my hunch that there are Roman and Saxon gold hoards in my very desirable (to a Roman or Saxon) neighbourhood. New ones are expensive. Do you know anyone who might have one I could use or buy second hand? (Negotiable pledges)
Need furniture I need a freeview box and a freeview aerial. Does anyone have a piano that they no longer need? I would also need a large table desk in a good condition. Thanks.
Record player
Small Sofa Required I don't have an internet connection as yet so please contact me by phone. Best after 6pm, although I have an answer machine. Someone else has kindly used their email address to get me online here. (negotiable pledges)

Gardening - Advice & Design

Climbing Plants (Negotiable pledges)
Cutting Down Apple Tree My apple tree needs cutting down using a chain saw. A tall ladder is also needed. (Negotiable pledges)
Digging We need help to dig out a garden in muswell hill and transfer the dirt to a skip. The site is on a slope so it will be hard manual labour. (negotiable pledges)
gardening space required Part of garden to grow some vegetables and flowers
Help with Establishing Allotments Help needed to establish allotments in East Finchley. (Negotiable pledges)
lawnmower (negotiable pledges)
Leaf Vacuum Machine Wanted I need the occasional use of a vacuum to suck up leaves from a nearby tree - buy or hire for pledges, or maybe buy and share jointly with someone else? (negotiable pledges)
Permaculture Design Support for Garden (Negotiable pledges)
Plants wanted for Cottage Garden Garden plants wanted for pledges or to exchange. (N pledges)
Plot of land Does anybody have an unused allotment or an area of garden they would be willing to lend me to plant vegetables?
Pond/ Pond Liner & Accessories (Negotiable pledges)
retaining garden wall We need to build a retaining garden wall across the bottom of a sloping garden (central muswell hill springfield avenue). Hopefully we will be able to reuse existing bricks on site. Can you help us either by doing it or showing us how to do it. We can provide all materials needed and part pay in cash if required. Immediate start. (negotiable pledges)
Summer House/ Garden Dwelling (Negotiable pledges)
tree surgery Can anyone help cutting high tree/hedge (8 metres high)? (N pledges)
Veg seeds, Fruit bushes (negotiable pledges)

Gardening - Maintenance

Digging up small area of lawn I urgently need someone to help dig up (and dig over) an area of lawn about 6m x 3m so I can prepare the area for growing vegetables. Maybe a bit of weeding too. (Pledges pledges)
Gardening Help with garden. (N pledges)
Gardening Help Need help with cutting grass and general gardening work. (Negotiable pledges)
Gardening/2 Someone to make raised beds with recycled materials. (N pledges)

Household Help

Cleaning (10 P an hour pledges)
General Tidying, Cleaning, Ironing: As I'm busy on the computer most of the day, some things get neglected in my house, and I would like help with tasks I don't get around to.
Help with Moving Heavy Objects I need someone that I can call on for occasional help with moving heavy objects. (Negotiable pledges)
Household Odd - job man (various tasks). (N pledges)
Lifting and Shifting Help needed shifting and lifting. Refreshments provided! (Negotiable pledges)
organizing help in organizing my flat, ie clear space for washing machine, and computer (negotiable pledges)
Oven Cleaning Very dirty oven.

Household Repairs/Redecoration

Appliance repairs I need help with repairs to refrigerator, freezer and oven. Please let me know if you can help or if you know someone who can help.
Building Services Help with DIY and carpenter. (N pledges)
Decorating I need help with decorating - please let me know if you can help or if you can recommend someone. Thanks
DIY - Putting up Shelving (Negotiable pledges)
DIY and cupboard clearing I'm looking for someone to help me with a few smallish DIY jobs, such as cork tiling in a small hallway (most of it's done, just need help with the edges) and a bit of shelving. Also help needed with cupboard clearing. (Negotiable pledges)
Handyman/decorator Help needed with decorating and general DIY work. (Negotiable pledges)
Home Maintenance Occasional help needed with house maintenance and repairs. (Negotiable pledges)
Several Jobs Need Doing: Help needed to put up outside shutters and a porch over the back door. I also need help in putting on new hot tap washers.


Cantonese conversation Cantonese conversation practice. (Negotiable pledges)
Spanish I had started a basic Spanish course, but was unable to complete it. Regular meetings would be helpful. (Negotiable pledges)
Welsh Conversation I would like to be able to converse in the Welsh language.

Music & Dance Tuition

Drumming I am intrested in learning percussion instruments. In particular, Indian Tabla, Dhol, Dholok drums. Also Djembe and Bongo drumming. (PLú(P)N pledges)

Music & Entertainment

Casette Player wanted I cannot bring myself to throw out all my old casette tapes which include language courses, talking books and old friends. Has anyone got a small tape recorder(I don't want one of those huge things the size of a record player, just something to fit on a bedside shelf)? (negotiable pledges)
Developing Singing Skills I need help to develop some singing skills. (Negotiable pledges)
Drummer seeking musicians Any musicians out there wanting to do some rock/folk/grunge (not necessarily that mix!)? I've no idea what I'm looking for, but priorities lie with good band gelling, creative NRG and having fun, with the ambition to do some gigs ... soooon - I'm gig-starved!! (negotiable pledges)
Drumming/Percussion I am intrested in learning percussion instruments. In particular, Indian tabla, Dhol, Dholak drums. Also Djembe and Bongo drumming. (PLú(P)N pledges)
Guitar lessons I am a beginner but am very keen to learn how to improve my technique.
iPod (negotiable pledges)
Music recording Folk/Country duo want help to record onto a CD. (Neg. pledges)
Performers Required Performers needed for nllets quarterly social events, contact me if interested. (50 pledges)
Projector/Screen Urgent we're desperately trying to source a projector/screen to show dvd and a computer demo for our local crouch end and hornsey area transition initiative. Its for our event next Saturday, 'life after oil'...do you or anyone have one we can borrow? Thanks, Rebecca

Personal Advice & Tuition

Antiques Valuations I have some antiques I've collected over the years and would like to know their value. I'd also love to learn more about antiques generally. I don't have an internet connection as yet so please contact me by phone. Best after 6pm, although I have an answer machine. Someone else has kindly used their email address to get me online here. (Negotiable pledges)
Counselling and Therapies I would like to learn more about counselling and alternative therapies. I am open to suggestions. (Negotiable pledges)

Personal Development

Life coaching/counselling
Neuro-Linguistic Programming training I am looking for a trainer in (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming training, in or around the north London area. (Negotiable ú/P pledges)
Non-violent Communication Training I am looking for a trainer in (NVC) Non-violent Communication Training, in or around the north London area. (Negotiable ú/P pledges)
Transactional Analysis therapist Looking for qualified Transactional Analysis Therapist.

Personal Health and Healing

Gentle Body Massage Gentle body massage needed. (Negotiable pledges)
Help with Old Knee Injury I need help with an old skiing injury to my knee/leg. Possibly physiotherapy, osteopathy or acupuncture.
Massage Normal massage and Shiatsu massage.
Massage Wanted I need regular deep tissue massage at my house or locally. I can give the same. (Negotiable pledges)
Neck and Shoulders Massage I could do with neck and shoulder massages because of my new job - sitting at a PC most of the day and having air conditioning breathing down my back! I would like to have it regularly done, maybe once or twice a month. But ad hoc for the time being. So please contact me - willing to pay cash for oils, etc. (Negotiable pledges)

Pet Care & Pet Walking

Dog Sitting I need someone to look after my dog at their house whilst I am away.
Dog Walking At weekends
Occasional Dog Walking/Sitting Occasional dog walking/sitting required. N2 area. (Negotiable pledges)

Sports & Recreation

Personal fitness training I'd like to find someone locally (near to Finchley) who can help me lose weight and get fit - either a personal trainer or someone who is very into exercise who can work with me (I know what to do... I just don't do it as I hate exercise!). (Pledges pledges)
Surfing Lessons I need teaching how to use a surf board.
Yoga Tuition I would like Yoga tuition from a qualified Yoga teacher. (PLú(P)N pledges)

Technical Support

Anyone got this software? I have now found out what I need to get my old Apple Mac going - a DVD/CD-ROM of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Have you by any chance still got one of these? Or could you suggest a way around this? Thanks very much! (ú+ pledges)
DVD copying Could you copy some DVDs for me? (Neg. pledges)
Help With Computers
Help with my PC-laptop or second-hand Mac? Hi, Has anyone got an Apple MAc they no longer need (for payment) or could offer help with my old PC-laptop?
tuition e help help setting up folders,files, generally how to make best use of my laptop (pledges only pledges)
upgrading of old pc Help with up grading of computer to enable it to be used on line


Car Boot Sales Mate Someone with a car who would let me also sell my stuff. (Negotiable pledges)
Driving Buddy I occasionally hire a car (via zipcar) for pleasure trips and would love to share outings, ie day trips or shopping trips. (8 pledges)
Gardening Someone to collect materials to be used to make raised beds. (N pledges)
Help with Carrying Shopping I have physical problems that can make carrying shopping difficult. Hence, I would like to be able to call upon someone to help me. (Negotiable pledges)
Lift Tufnell Park to/from E. Finchley Lift needed to and from my home in Tufnell Park and my allotment in East Finchley. (Negotiable pledges)
Local Lifts in a Car I sometimes need lifts locally. (Negotiable pledges)
Man's bike (negotiable pledges)
Miscellaneous Someone to collect materials to be used to make raised beds. (N pledges)
Transport Driver - on various occasions. (úneg pledges)