Management Group Roles

The Management Group are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Between them they cover the following list of tasks. Individuals may cover more than one function, but if their workload become too onerous, they may subdivide their roles and co-opt new Management-Group members or ask for help from members, whilst keeping an overview.
Chair: compiles Agenda for and chairs Management Group Meetings.
Secretary: records Minutes, circulates to Management Group within ten days, amends in response to comments, re-circulates to Management Group, once approved posts on minutes area of website and ensures that they are filed. May do other correspondence on behalf of the Management Group.
Treasurer: keeps record of income and expenditure, sets and monitors sterling budget, compiles monthly or quarterly and end of year accounts.
Pledge Accountant: receives and clears pledge cheques on behalf of members. Supports members doing their own transactions, takes monthly fees, reports to the Management Group on the progress of trading.
Projects Co-ordinator: makes proposals to Management Group for local projects and monitors pledge payments for work done. .......
Social Secretary: organises Social Events and creates relevant publicity.
Enrolment Co-ordinator: chairs monthly enrolment sessions in the main premises, receives and acknowledges web enquiries, and applicatiions, liaises with local co-ordinators, creates online membership records, and passes relevant paperwork to office Co-ordinator.
Member Support: receives and acknowledges web enquiries and applications by phone or email, liaises with local co-ordinators, and follows up progress of applications, ensuring that members are able to use the online system, providing support as appropriate.
Directory Editor: edits Directory, News & Events, and Project pages. Supports members in editing their Offers, Wants, and personal profiles.
Administrator: acknowledges telephone and postal enquiries and makes up web enquiry form, maintains membership records on desk computer, records and banks cheques, and supplies information requested by the Management Group, or enrolment co-ordinator.
Office Co-ordinator: manages office, maintains office files, ensures that ansaphone messages, email and postal mail are recorded, made available for action, or filed as appropriate. organises printing and photocopying and postal mail-outs. Represents the organisation at tenants meetings.
Outreach: links with other organisations, researches and co-ordinates representation of NLLETS at external events to increase membership and awareness of our organisation, co-ordinates publicity efforts in all media.
Local Representatives are multi-taskers who may answer local enquiries, run social events, and enrol new members. Some of these roles may be taken up by Management Group Members, but formal representatives for each borough may be appointed, and Co-ordinated by a Management Group member, eg Enrolment Co-ordinator.
Newsletter Editor: requests items from members for inclusion, and compiles Newsletter in consultation with Management Group, uploads it on to the site.
Webmaster: maintains website, provides training to Management Group members to assist them to access their functions, emails out from the site as appropriate, resolves any problems arising.
Mary (LETSlink)
Management Group members have the authority to carry out the tasks in their job description between meetings, and to draw any problems arising to the attention of the Management Group. Please contact the relevant member of the Management Group (or "Contact Us")

Matters requiring a joint policy decision will be placed on the agenda for the next Management Group meeting. Dates of all meetings should be circulated members in advance, and displayed on the News and Events section of the website.

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